Edition 2007/2008

The first year of studies is organised as follows:

Semester 1.

Digital Communication Systems (7 ECTS)

Communication Networks (7 ECTS)

Thematic Learning Unit (7 ECTS)

(This learning unit covers a main topic directly related to each year´s Theme of the program. For 2007/2008, the theme is Broadband and Mobile Communications, and this learning unit is Electromagnetic Engineering.)

Seminar (9 ECTS)

(A set of modules on the Theme for the current year lectured by MAP research teams and renowned international scholars.)

Semester 2.

The second semester includes a set of 3 Optional learning units and the Thesis Workplan:

Thesis Workplan (12 ECTS)

Optional learning units (6 ECTS each)

For 2007/2008, the three Optional learning units can be selected from the following list of offered courses:

  • Wireless Networks and Protocols
  • Mobile Communication Systems
  • Mobile Computing
  • Mobile Communications Laboratories
  • Optical Communications
  • Optical Networks
  • Optical Communications Laboratories
  • Network Planning and Performance
  • Network Services and Applications