Edition's theme

Edition's theme: Future Internet Technologies

The current Internet is a great success – a global integrated communications infrastructure and service platform supporting society worldwide. However, it is based in a design of the 1970s for purposes that bear little resemblance to our reality: the layers and technologies we currently rely on were never thought from its inception. Mismatches between original design goals and current utilization are now a common problem, as well as mismatches between technology potential and societal usage and requirements.

A large number of challenges in the realms of technology have to be overcome if the future development of the Internet is to sustain the society of tomorrow. The Future Internet concepts appear in this context: the challenges brought by increased multimedia traffic, universal mobility, easy to access services, and integrated interactions with real world sensors pose such changes to networking that the end result will be quite different from the Internet of today.

The 2012/2013 edition of MAP-Tele is centered in these problems, and will provide students with a wide view of the Future Internet development landscape and associated technologies.