2020/2021 edition

Edition 2020/2021

The first year of the 2020/2021 edition is running at the University of Minho, Azurém Campus, and started September 2020.

For information about the previous editions, please visit the old website.

Programme structure

The first year of studies is organised as follows:

Semester 1:

Semester 2:

The second semester includes a set of 3 Optional Learning Units and the Thesis Work Plan:

  • Thesis Work Plan (12 ECTS)

  • Optional learning units (6 ECTS each) (2)

(1) - A set of modules on the theme for the current year, lectured by MAP research teams and renowned international scholars. The Seminar course also includes a module on Scientific Research Methodologies. (2) - See the section "Optional Learning Units" for more detail.



Optional learning units

The following courses are running in 2020/2021: